Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun Family Test Rides

This past weekend, I dragged the whole family to a family-oriented bike store to check out a couple cargo bikes I was interested in. Yes, yes... we have lots of bikes already, but I'm always trying to figure out better ways to get the family out the door and on/into bikes easily - the easier it is to take bikes, the more likely it is we'll use them! We checked out the cargo bikes - which were pretty cool - and R and and J were already interested in sitting on the backs of them!
A takes the Yuba Mundo cargo bike for a spin

R and J consider the possibilities

However... we also discovered a bike called a KidzTandem, which J and I instantly fell in love with! It allows the kid to sit in front and hold onto stationary handlebars, while the adult sits on the back and controls everything. It took a couple minutes to get used to, but soon we were whipping around the parking lot with big grins on our faces! Yes we want this thing... we're going to be saving our dimes and quarters for a while though, it's a $2000 bike!
Yes, this will work nicely!

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